My summer so far has been really busy, coaching in two summerschools in a row! However, my learning curve at both the “Climate-KIC Journey” and eit digital’s school on “Citizen Participation and City Governance” was incredible, from team dynamics, to sustainable business modeling, climate impact evaluation or community participation. And I got truly inspired by all these lovely people I met there.

Coach at climate-KIC

The service design community is growing steadily and it becomes increasingly complicated to get around in this wealth of information. To get a grip on this in Germany, I recently re-initiated a German chapter for the service design network together with a few like-minded folks. We are currently in the building phase and doing research to find out what exactly the community is looking for. Curious to learn more?

Visit our section at sdn!

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I do like to work on things that ‘make sense’, but I also really like to sit back and observe all the poesy around us. When someone told me about this fancy AI-driven tool for self-building websites called The Grid, I got intrigued and currently try it out as an outlet for my inner poet. Curious?


Last month was pretty exciting: My first article in the service design network’s journal Touchpoint got published, and the lovely folks over at the Service Experience Camp put my presentation online!

Check out my article From Kilowatt-hours to Customer Experience: Anchoring service design in the off-grid energy sector


Watch me present Mobisol’s user-centered approach:

The Service Experience Camp 2015 is coming closer and I am very happy to be one of the keynote speakers! In my talk I want to highlight how Africa has seen a technological development from zero to mobile and has become a place of disruptive change. Also, I will share insights on how we used service design at Mobisol to put our users at the center of development and create a sustainable service ecosystem at the base of the pyramid. Have a look at the teaser we made – and see you in November!

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An example from Apps as People

“Let’s create an app, that …!” – This is the saddest phrase to hear when going through a creative design process and reaching the point to prototype a few of the great things that popped up during ideation. We love apps for the job they do for us, so I always recommend to prototype and test that job-to-be-done first, then go into UX details. To point out that difference, I built on the idea of Things Do Jobs and started a little tumblr, check it out: Apps as People