About me

After tinkering with science kits and lego since ever since I can remember, I decided to study energy engineering and business. Wondering where this career decision could lead me to, I studied Philosophy for Engineers in Spain, built a self-sufficient energy container in Botswana and went to Tanzania to learn how microfinance actually works. Still, I could not yet picture my life as an engineer and in 2010 decided to study for another year at HPI’s d.school in Potsdam. The philosophy behind human-centered design really got me: Start with the people and their challenge, not with a fancy solution you came up with on your desk!

Since then, I strive to bring human-centered design and business thinking into the field of climate change. I joined the green-tech company Mobisol in its infancy, lead the pilot phase in East Africa and developed a business model around human needs that was considered quite radical at that time. Alongside improving Mobisol’s customer experience, I have become part of the Research Program Microenergy Systems in 2013, investigating the implications of service design at the economic ‘base of the pyramid’. As a certified Design Thinking Coach, I have been using various workshop settings to teach how to make creative thinking and doing useful for processes of innovation and change, from half-day design sprints in a small team to month-long summerschools with 80+ participants. Recent clients include BSR, Volkswagen AG or the EU program climate-KIC.

Klara set to explore the world